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We offer three print media coverage plan.


Our fully automated press review service. We send you all the articles that include your keywords from the sources that interest you.

Our team works with you to build a list of keywords to find articles on the topics you are interested in. The articles found are automatically added to your press review, without the participation of our analysts.

This is the most economical plan for a company that may only be interested in keyword hits.

All the articles where a mention occurs are delivered in bulk.


Once the articles that contain your keywords are found, their relevance is analyzed. You will only receive articles that are really relevant. Our analysts may also add other newsworthy items of interest.

The articles found are analyzed individually for relevance before being added to your press review. So, articles that don’t concern your company even if they mention your keyword will be eliminated: an identical acronym is found in the text, but it refers to a completely different subject from the one you’re interested in.

This plan ensures the relevance of what you receive in your press review.

All articles are delivered in bulk.


We can classify the articles into different categories to meet the needs of your organization. We can fragment the press review according to recipient.

Our team works with you to develop a list of keywords that will help you find articles on the topics that interest you. Together we look at the different components of the business to create categories, and group articles accordingly. The articles found are reviewed one by one by our analysts who judge their relevance before adding them to the right category in the press review.

This process not only eliminates articles that don’t affect your company, but also allows you to group articles by sector to meet the specific needs of your business and employees.

This plan gives you a customized press review. All articles are delivered categorized according to each reader’s interests.

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