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The Référence Média client portal is an effective tool for communications professionals. You can create a press kit in minutes by doing a search on any topic included in your press review over the last 30 days and downloading the results in a single PDF file.

You can also consult on your own our raw recordings of the last 30 days to quickly find a radio or TV clip, even if it isn’t on your list of items to be monitored or you don’t subscribe to the Radio-TV monitoring service.

Press reviews

On the Référence Média client portal, you’ll find your press reviews and media alerts of the last 30 days, in accordance with the copyright law. You will also find all the parliamentary watch mailings.

You search them easily by date.

Extracts from Radio-TV

Quickly access the summaries, audio and video clips that are part of your monitoring plan. You can listen to them and download them easily.


Référence Média offers you many quantitative and statistical reports on your press review:

  • Origin of articles
  • Number of mentions (general and by category)
  • Number of articles sent (general and by category)
  • E-mail click statistics
  • Etc…

Our experts will work with you to develop reports that make your job easier.

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